About the hosts project Diapriids are parasitoids, they develop by feeding on a host which they ultimately kill. The goal of this project is to build a comprehensive database of known hosts of the family Diapriidae. The project is progressing in several stages. A first step is to identify all published records of parasitism. Subsequent stages will capture data pertaining to other biotic associations (e.g. myrmecophily), and will identify new previously unpublished records. The project is presently well into the first stage, with a summary publication in preparation. References listed here pertain only to hosts/biological data, not taxonomic literature.

Contributing This project is a collaborative effort. Data entry and management is completely web-based. The database is built on an open-source platform (see software). If you are interested in potential collaboration with this project, by either contributing directly via the web, or indirectly through passing on data, please contact . Present collaborators include James Dennis, Jonathon Cammak, Victor Kolyada, Marta Loiacono, and Lubomir Masner, with Krishna Dole providing database development help.

Usage The public browsing functions are in beta. Associations can be browsed by the various categories listed under the 'browse' header to the left. Taxonomic names are captured verbatim from publications or specimen determinatinos, then linked to the presently accepted name. If you find outdated nomenclature or misspellings it may be that you are seeing a verbatim data capture.