Confidence Levels

This project uses the following confidence levels for each supporting evidence record. They are listed in order of confidence (most confident at top). The total unique associations recorded at each level are listed at right. Note that some associations may be unsupported by references or specimens. Clicking a record will return all associations at that confidence level.

no abbreviation Multiple rearings from known lab monoculture. 43
no abbreviation Multiple isolated single hosts from wild, with host remains isolated following emergence/dissection. 175
no abbreviation Isolated single host, with host remains isolated following emergence/dissection. 24
no abbreviation Single parasite/parasitoid from culture. 1
no abbreviation Multiple purportedly conspecific hosts, host remains not associated with reared individuals. 6
no abbreviation Single specimen mounted with purported host remains attached, no further information. 2
no abbreviation Reared from multiple non-conspecifics with no isolation of host remains. 2
no abbreviation Cited with no further explanation (e.g. in table/list). 177
no abbreviation Note attached to pinned specimen/lot, no host remains. 4
no abbreviation Museum specimen(s) and labels, with no further data. 79
no abbreviation Multiple specimens in collection with single unconfirmed host/host remains included, no further data. 1
no abbreviation Word of mouth, no reference to specimens. 1
no abbreviation Unchecked/unclassified citation. 20