There are not very many people in the world actively working on diapriid systematics, but a recent meeting (see below) has revived an interesting in promoting collaborations among those that are active. On this page we'll try to keep a record of what meetings might have 2 or more diapriid systematists present, and highlight the outcome of those meetings.

Upcoming meetings


Past meetings

Norm Johnson's Platy PBI, Columbus, Ohio, February 5-9, 2007
Technically not a diapriid meeting, but five diapriid workers were there (Yoder, Masner, Rajmohana, Early and Clebsch). The meeting was very good, and while we'll not be working on Diapriids specifically for the grant we'll keep them in the back of our collective "mind" with the hope that we can tie into the Platy effort in some way.

Diapriid mini-colloquium, Ottawa, Ontario, November, 2006
This meeting was perhaps the first diapriid-specific meeting in recent history. Attendees Hans Clebsch (Cleveland, Ohio), Victory Kolyada (Moscow, Russia), James Dennis (Toronto, Ontario), Matt Yoder (College Station, Texas) and Lubomir Masner (Ottawa, Ontario) met for a week at the top diapriid collection in the world, the Canadian National Collection of Insects. There they persued a wide range of personal and collaborative projects, and generally had a good time. Click on the pictures for more details. All images below by and (c) Hans Clebsch.

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