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Reference: Figg, D. E., R. D. Hall, and G. D. Thomas. 1983. Insect parasites associated with Diptera developing in bovine dung pats [of] Central Missouri pastures. Environmental Entomology 12:961-966.


9 recorded association(s).

Trichopria ? - pupal R. lherminieri  
Trichopria ? - pupal R. querula  
Trichopria ? - pupal Ravinia  
Trichopria ? - pupal S. biflexuosa  
Trichopria ? - pupal Paregle cinerella  
Trichopria ? - pupal Gymnodia arcuata  
Trichopria host Orthellia caesarion  
Trichopria host Paregle cinerella  
Trichopria parasitoid Saltella sphondylii